Thursday, March 16, 2017

AAMA Parent Night Pot Luck

Feb 23 AAMA Parent Night Pot Luck. Aspire and Achieve and 100 Black Men on hand to talk to Parents about how we support their sons at Oakland Tech. We had great conversations with the parents and the students. Lamar Hancock talked about the Manhood Development Class, the work he expects from his students and the help he gets from our organizations. 

Darryl Richardson spoke about 100 Black Men and the strength of having our 3 organizations working together. Aspire and Achieve Tutors, Max Shapiro and Thomas Demerath spoke about the tutoring opportunities during the week for our students and how our workshops are shaped to help the student needs. 

We are grateful to be working in a three organization partnership seamlessly working together to help our Kings take ownership of their education and succeed. 

Langston Walker and Darryl Richardson of 100 Black Men

Philip Barnett

Thomas Demerath, former OT student and now college student Rickey Jackson along with Lamar Hancok

Max Shapiro talks with parents and student

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