Monday, February 20, 2017

February 16 Oakland Tech Collaborative Partners Meeting

Getting to Meet Some Oakland Tech Partners

On Thursday, February 16, 2017 (2017- where does the time fly?) Community Schools Manager Dawn Humphrey hosted the first Oakland Tech Collaborative Partners Meeting of 2017. Got to meet a few members of the Oakland Tech Staff as well as other organizations working with Oakland Tech. 

Now we all went around the room and introduced ourselves and spoke briefly about the work we do at Oakland Tech. So... I didn't catch all the names and didn't think to take pictures till the end of the meeting, so please bear with me. Among the people I met were:

John Fuentes, BAC Resources. His work is in Alameda and after the meeting asking me if we could do any tutoring in Alameda. I will email him later today, February 20. 

Maddie- Just out of college and working in Health Education

Anderea Perez, I had met her earlier. She looks so young, I thought she was a high school student. She is in fact the After School Coordinator. She took over from Carlos in December and oversees the Library Study Time as well as other after school programs including our tutors. 

Will (didn't quite catch the name) - He is a peer tutor

Michelle- She is from Catholic Charities and works with something called the P2 Project

Didn't catch her name, but she heads the debate team, and has a desire to get students of color on the team. She has other ideas as well and I hope to talk to her more. 

Chris - A program called Making the Grade

KC - very dedicated tech guy. Works on school events and is auditorium manager

Didn't catch this woman's name- again. But she is in charge of the Restorative Justice Program and she's doing a good job. She gave out a card that appear on the bottom of this post. Great questions and tips. 

Asha Vitatoe - Program Manager of Mentoring in Medicine and Science. 

I probably missed a few, but I'll make it up at our next meeting on March 16!

Dawn Humphrey, Community Schools Manager

Well, Ansel Adams I'm not. On the Right is Michelle from Catholic Charities

That's Andrea Perez, After School Coordinator in the center. She still looks like a high school student. To her left is Maddie from Health Services and to her right is Will, a peer tutor

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