Saturday, March 14, 2015

Aspire and Achieve Santa Clara University Tour

On February 12, eleven of our students were fortunate enough to attend our tour of Holy Names University. Through word of mouth along with a visit from Professor Aldo Billingslea, Associate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion at Santa Clara University, 26 students went on our Aspire and Achieve Tour of Santa Clara University!

Santa Clara University has a beautiful campus and a very welcoming staff. Professor Billingslea arranged for our group to have box lunches outside. There were tables and chairs under the shade of a beautiful tree. Professor Billingslea welcomed us and presented three speakers from various aspects of the University. Each spoke about Santa Clara University, Education and college life. They were all encouraging, engaging and challenging. They answered the many questions and we were grateful that they all took time out to speak with us.

Afterwards we went to the Admissions Center and saw a video on Santa Clara University. Afterwards, Mr Williams spoke about Education, Admissions and and the value of a college education, no matter what college. He was inspiring and encouraging.

After the video and talk, we went on a brief tour of the campus. We thanked everyone for their hospitality and welcome. It was heartening to hear some of the students talk about going to Santa Clara versus going to Holy Names or other colleges.

We returned to Oakland Technical High School grateful that we had the opportunity to offer the tour for our Aspire and Achieve students, and look forward to the workshops and events still to come.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Aspire and Achieve at Holy Names University

Under the title of "Aspire and Achieve" members of Lakeshore, led by Jesus Portillo, have been working hard to connect the resources of Holy Names University with the students, particularly the African-American male students, of Oakland Tech.
On February 12 Oakland Tech students went on a tour of Holy Names University. This tour, which 12 students and two sponsors participated in, was the first big event sponsored by Aspire and Achieve.
The participating students were very appreciative saying it was enjoyable, helpful and inspirational.
Check out great photos from Jesus P. below:

Group photo with Oakland Tech students, Mr. Hancock (center rear, or fourth from right rear) and HNU President William Hynes (left front).

Thanks to Jesus Portillo, Paige Bence, and Pastor Jim for driving for this event!
 The next college tour will a trip to Santa Clara University, Thursday, March 12, 2015.