Monday, March 27, 2017

OCO meeting with OUSD Board President James Harris

OCO leaders of the Education Committee met with OUSD School Board President James Harris on Thursday, March 23 for his response to the OCO letter (see the previous post) regarding the hiring of the new School Board President.

Mr. Harris said that they have received 40 applications and were in the process of studying the applications and narrowing the number down. OCO asked for transparency and having the finalists meet with the community prior to the selection. Mr Harris promised to have a community panel as well as a number of selected students meet with the finalists and interview them.

Mr. Harris stated that the candidate selected must be reliable, consistent and committed to staying in Oakland. He also recognized the need for a School Board President with roots in the Oakland Community.

He asked that OCO hold him to his commitments and work with him. He will meet with OCO Organizer Katy Nunez-Alder relating to the Community Panel.

Due to a previous meeting, Mr. Harris was a half hour late. Our committee stayed the extra time to express their questions, statements, and support for David Kakishiba as a candidate who has the experience, local roots and dedication to the students in particular and the OUSD. The Education Committee will follow the process of selecting a new OUSD School Board President. The policies set forth by the new school board president will be crucial to the success of Oakland students as well as Aspire and Achieve. We wholeheartedly support OCO in this effort.

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