Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Magnificent Seven



Saturday morning, October 24,  7 out of the 18 students signed up for the Cal State Hayward Tour showed up and what a treat they had in store!

We were greeted by Arnab Mukherjea, Dr.P.H., M.P.H.
Assistant Professor of Health Science
Emphasis in Public and Community Health

as well as 12 of his students who were going to take the students on a tour for extra credit and to gather health information from the students.  Two of our students were escorted by two students and the other six students each had two students to themselves to show them around Cal State. Our students were told they could go visit anywhere and ask any questions they wanted. So they all ventured around the campus. 

So a funny thing happened to me at this moment. I realized that all the time I have spent in the classroom on Thursdays had taken social justice from an abstract to my being personally invested in these kids. I realized this because I have never been a parent and watching those students leave gave me my first experience of parental separation anxiety. I wanted to go with them and see what they chose to see and listen to the questions they asked! But… you’ve go to let them go. 

I had a very friendly and stimulating conversation with Professor Mukherjea and a volunteer name Jorge. Later all the students returned from their tour to the classroom. Professor Mukherjea gave an incisive talk on Health that really centered on Public and Community Health and Social Justice in terms of Community Health. We should have him speak at our church. 

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