Friday, November 6, 2015

Space for Grace : Recognizing the transformative space in each step of Aspire and Achieve

A post from Reverend Allison Tanner:

The "Space for Grace" conference is serving as a great reminder that all change takes time, and grace, to develop. Aspire and Achieve is making slow but steady progress in our goal to lower the achievement gap - one school at a time. I've been reminded today that our work is necessary, yet to accomplish our vision, we need to give ourselves grace to learn and grow along the way to working for change. It has also been very encouraging to see all the other slow but steady efforts to create a more just society - giving me encouragement to keep on keeping on. While our progress may be slow, we are not alone in our work. We have so many more partners than we ever knew - who are working beside us and alongside us to slowly and steadily create a different reality for so many.

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