Monday, October 3, 2016

Aspire and Achieve English Tutor at work

 My new schedule finally let me visit our English/History Tutor, Thomas Demerath at work with two of our students. It was a fun experience to watch Tom and his students work together. 

Tom helps them with their daily homework and gets them to think about the bigger picture. Looking to college as a goal and helping them plan the best way for them to get there. 

It was great to see Tom and the students work together. Our Aspire and Achieve Program is fortunate to have such dedicated tutors as Tom Demerath and Max Shapiro working to bring out the best in the students they tutor.

Tom and Kidus discuss possible options of homework assignment. Notice also the chips and cup for soda. Added afternoon energy keeps the students focused.

Tom and Ronell discuss ways to make the most of his senior year by ways to raise his GPA and have more college options and scholarship opportunities.

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