Sunday, March 20, 2016

Question of the daiy


I'm trying to be more interactive with our students and trying to have a short discussion in class while not taking away from the lessons Larmar or Zaida are giving. This is my first Question of the Day:

Can you be average in Oakland? 

The average salary in Oakland in 2013 was $54,394. What kind of a job does it take to make at least the average salary and what are you doing now to get that job?

 As I read the question I pointed out that the average salary was nothing big. $54,394 a year works out to be about $4500 a month. Subtract taxes and you're left with $3800 or $3900 a month. Now from that subtract the average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Oakland - According to Oakland Tribune it's $2190 per month. Then subtract phone, PG&E, cable internet, food, Monthly Transit pass or car and related expenses and what does that add up to?  This question was at the end of the class and there was not much discussion time then, but I could see the students were thinking about it and I will try to discuss it with them between classes and have a new question of the day.

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