Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Aspire and Achieve

Purpose: beginning with African-American males we are working to increase the number of college ready graduates of color at Oakland Technical High School and beyond. A project of the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church (LABC) Local Organizing Committee, an Oakland Community Organizations member.

About three years ago the LABC Local Organizing Committee surveyed congregants to determine an area to focus its social justice organizing efforts. 

Results of the survey:
1) Education is the top concern
2) Among LABC congregants, Oakland Tech was the #1 attended high school in the Oakland public school network 

The LABC Local Organizing Committee joined forces with St. Columba to conduct a period of research at and around Oakland Tech and how to make a lasting impact at the school - specifically decreasing the achievement gap at this prestigious school. Aspire and Achieve is the result of this research: Aspire and Achieve is a community based approach to provide wrap around services to African-American males that they may aspire to and achieve high school graduation - college ready. 

In addition to working directly with Oakland Technical High School, we are working with OUSD African American Male Achievement and Holy Names University: Department of Social Justice, Math and the Early Admit Program. Our goal is to make the necessary connections to foster a well rounded environment for students to achieve their educational goals. 

Get in touch. Follow the blog for updates or send us an email at aspireachieve.labc{at} 

Who we are:

Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church / Local Organizing Committee
3534 Lakeshore Avenue  |  Oakland, CA 94610 

Oakland Community Organizations

Oakland Technical High School

Holy Names University Early Admit Program

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